Leonie "La Griffe" Dauterive

Quiet and abrupt, but strong and stoic, you want to stay on the good side of this New Orleans orphan lest her claws come out. Society abandoned her for years, and she has not forgotten.


AG 8
SP 6

Weapons: Retractable ripper claws on each hand; mini crossbow. Leather armor.

Edges: Ambidextrous; Two-Fisted; Acrobat

Hindrances: Clueless (minor); Illiterate (minor); Bad Dreams (major)

Mount: Mule named Rizzo

Trained in:
Climbing 4
Fighting 8
Guts 6
Notice 6
Shooting 8
Stealth 6
Streetwise 4
Tracking 4


Nickname: Answers to either Leonie, her given name, or La Griffe (“the claw”), a nickname given her by New Orleans gang members who have had run-ins with her. How she introduces herself depends on her initial impressions of you.

Full, legal name: Leonie Dauterive

Home town (where you we born and/or raised): A small town outside of New Orleans, destroyed when she was a child and now just a memory.

Current residence: Lives in the New Orleans ruins. Occasionally if she is working with a local gang, she may stay with them for a time.

Leather over-the-knee boots, cotton breeches. Cotton shirt. Leather coat, appears to be a soldier’s castoff. Her other clothes easily could be war castoffs or from charity, too. A new, small crossbow strapped to one thigh with a leather holster; a leather pad strapped to other thigh. Under the sleeves of her jacket, she wears bracers containing retractable claws. Her race is somewhat indeterminate, as is the case with many Creoles, but her dark and curly hair and darker skin suggest the majority of her ancestry may be African or Caribbean. She binds her hair up in a headscarf most of the time. She also has a large blue shawl she wraps around her shoulders when not wearing her jacket or when cold, and she wears a cloth sash. She’s strong, lithe and athletic, a little taller than average and well-muscled.

She is blunt and lacks any social grace. She doesn’t talk much, but it doesn’t seem to be out of shyness. She also lacks knowledge about a lot of things that have happened in the past decade, doesn’t know a lot of slang or innuendo, and struggles to remember some class and cultural norms. She is able to find happiness/satisfaction with even the most basic pleasures in life, like a hot meal. She doesn’t always get jokes, but when she does, she loves them. She can be quick to anger, but is good at keeping that anger in check. However, when it breaks loose, watch out! She knows when to hold em and when to fold em, essentially. She is cautious and observant as well, and a staunch defender of what is hers.

Inspirations: She has the antisocial graces of Jane from Deadwood; the badass-ness, calm surface but anger under the surface, and some of the looks, of Zoe Washburne; and the headdresses and Creole stylins, and some looks, of Marie Laveau.

Background: Orphaned as a child when her village was destroyed—by what, she doesn’t know but would love to find out—she fled to New Orleans hoping to find solace and someone to care for her. Instead she found a cold, uncaring city. She hid in abandoned sections of town, afraid of the “monsters” coming for her too, and raised herself. She learned to survive with very little, and eventually to fight. Now in her late teens, she still lives on her own because she never integrated with society and doesn’t know how to behave. Gangs roam her area though, and she occasionally will work with them. She is slowly adapting to being around people again in a non-confrontational way. She still doesn’t trust anyone, and doesn’t talk much since she feels awkward and out of place.

Allies: Fleetingly, to outlaw gangs in New Orleans. Through these alliances, she recently met Rose. She took out a loan from Rose to buy a crossbow so she could increase her skills, and now works off her debt.

Enemies: She has always assumed whatever destroyed her village is her enemy and will someday come for her. But it’s been over 10 years now and she doesn’t really know who or what that enemy is. She also has fleeting rivalries over space and resources with others that survive in the ruins like herself.

Leonie "La Griffe" Dauterive

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