George Hannity

Don't let the age and the blindness fool you--George is adept, with the power of the elements at his command.


AG 4
SMA 12
SP 4

Guts 6
Intimidate 8
Knowledge 6
Notice 6
Persuade 8
Spellcasting 12
Arcane 8

Arcane Background: Spellcasting (10 power points, 3 powers)
Elemental Earth
Elemental Water

Edges: Wizard
Hindrances: Elderly; Bad Eyes; Slowpoke

Weapon: Colt Dragoon
Armor: None


Nickname: George
Full name: George Hannity
From: Houston, TX
Current residence: Austin, TX … but wanders/travels a lot.
Allies: Tentative working arrangement w/Texas Ranger Division. Travels/partners with Henry. Most of his other friends have been lost/passed away over time.
Enemies: None known.

Appearance: Elderly man who wears glasses. White hair with a handlebar moustache. 5’10". Wears button-up white shirt, vest, dusty trail-worn pants. Soft leather coat (characterization only, not armor). Carries a big gun.

Personality: Curious, smart, friendly, helpful, and fascinated by nature and the elements.

Background: Born/raised in Houston. As a boy, was shipwrecked in the Caribbean and ended up on an island in a village of Obeah practitioners. He was rescued after a couple of years and returned to his parents, but his fascination with Obeah remained. After reaching adulthood, he returned to the Caribbean for some years to study and become an Obeah-man himself. He’s now been back in the CSA for decades. For a while he made a living as a supposed snake-oil salesman, though really using magic. He’s been doing what he can to try and make magic not so taboo in this country; that passion has led him to where he is now, working with the Texas Rangers in a limited capacity, helping to counterbalance magic when they encounter it and don’t have any other defense. He is the “them” in one of Rangers’ clandestine “one of us, one of them” pairings, with Ranger Henry being his counterpart.

George Hannity

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